11 Office Decor Ideas to Improve ProductivityIf even companies like Google and Facebook are famous for using their office decor to motivate and make their employees happier, why shouldn’t you bet on office decor tips? We separate eight office models where colors and decoration style have everything to do with this idea. Enterprise architecture techniques make environments more functional and pleasant to work in.

Read more (อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai) and get inspired by office decor tips that can help increase your team’s productivity.

1- How About Toboggan And Ball Pool?

Surely no one can complain about monotony in this office. To create an escape valve for all these employees gathered in so many jobs, the toboggan is the ideal means of transport for those who go down and relax, watching a TV on the sofa on the lower floor. Armchairs can also be part of meeting rooms and rest environments. It’s a good office decoration tip that maintains the well-being of employees and relieves some of the tension of everyday life.

2- Enlightened Meetings!

Yellow is the color of light, sun, and gold in this corporate office decor. Good ideas, energy, and prosperity are all you need in a meeting room where creativity and results must guide the participants’ efforts. Of course, all this infrastructure prepared to accept the latest technologies, including TV panels and sockets in abundance, also helps, but yellow sets the tone for the conversation.

3- Creativity On The Rise

In this office decoration tip, the contrast of the colors on the wall makes the environment more creative and fuller of ideas. In this office where technology and the arrangement of the workstations, very close and with soft partitions, help designers to create a collaborative way.

4- A Modern Classic

Offices that need concentration and silence for their professionals, such as law, consulting, and accounting, but also want to promote integration and teamwork, can opt for glass partitions and modern design furniture to decorate the work environment. In addition to showing all the seriousness of their environment with a lot of class, they gain a touch of modernity by using modern industrial materials.

5- Clarity Of Ideas

This meeting room used white in a minimalist environment to help participants focus and clear their minds to listen, understand and present their ideas. The ceiling with mismatched beams and unusual angles in turquoise color gives the touch of creativity that every good meeting also needs.

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