Goals. Every guru available informs you to definitely set them. Almost every book focused on success beats you within the mind using the guilt of not getting them. Statistics reveal that goal setters are greater achievers. You’ve been told your objectives have to be written lower and clearly defined. You realize all of this…but have you ever acted onto it?

I’ve found that many clients comprehend the philosophy, and also the need, but rarely take time to really write their set goals lower making them specific… having a deadline.

Is that this you?

Irrrve never understood the need for setting clearly defined goals until November 9, 1985… Wow, ages ago. Allow me to set the scene.

Here’ was, a 26 years old hot shot stock broker trying to set the planet burning. I labored 12 hour days, six days per week pounding the telephones and rustling up enough hot prospects to obtain wealthy. Nobody labored harder than Used to do in individuals days…doing the work, doing the work, doing the work. Here’s an excerpt from my journal:

Mike’s 1986 Goals (second year like a stock broker)

  • Cold Call every single day: make 500 outgoing calls every single day, speak with 100 new people every single day
  • Make 24,000 phone contacts each year
  • Spend 2 hrs each day supplying current customers
  • Open 20 new accounts monthly (most brokers opened up half that)
  • Make $300,000 in gross commissions (a large number in 1986)
  • Purchase a boat
  • Purchase a house
  • Eat well
  • Exercise thrice each week
  • Pay attention to motivational /educational tapes 30 min/day (yes, tapes in those days)

I’d heard the language “live like nobody else does for 10 years and you may live like nobody else can throughout your existence”. I required individuals words to heart and hang in regards to a span of grinding it.

What were the outcomes?

I accomplished most everything on my small list and it was named “Rookie Broker of the season” across the country, won a vacation to New You are able to and spent some time using the chairman of among the largest brokerage houses on the planet. All because of goals achieved.

I say to you this story because just before 1985 I had been wandering around existence lost, pointless and merely wishing things would come out OK. So, what went down in 1985 that altered my trajectory?