Medicare changes for 2023: What you need to know - The Times WeeklyThere are many people around the world who get sick, but since not everyone is capable of paying their medical bills, some of them unfortunately are left without a choice but to live a life in pain or worse, early death. 


To those who have the opportunity of getting a Humana Medicare Advantage plans 2023 or any medical plan should not think twice about doing so. 


Things You Do Not Know About Medicare Advantage plans


One of the reasons why people are not getting a medicare advantage plan is innocence. They do not know everything about it hence they end up not getting it. 


If you are one of these people who do not have a medicare advantage plan just yet, below are a few information you need to know about this plan:


  • There are agents that can help you make the application for a plan easier


Yes, there are many agents that can provide help when choosing and getting a plan. You have to make sure though that the agent you will hire is the best one there is or else, you won’t be able to get the right plan for you. 


There are many agents to hire, but unfortunately, not all of them are there to provide selfless and genuine assistance to people who want to secure their health and welfare. Rushing to hire an agent is not the most ideal, as more often than not, it will cause you to decide wrongfully.


  • It is cheaper to have a plan


Contrary to what others have think, having a medicare advantage plan is a lot cheaper than not. When the time comes that you need medical assistance and there is no plan to cover the medical expenses and prescription drugs, expect that the amount you have to shell out is 20x more than what you have to pay the medicare advantage plan, or even more. 


Why would you put yourself in a situation where you cannot afford paying the bills any more, if there is a chance to you pay little and get huge financial medical assistance? 


  • It can be a life saver


There are some, because they do not have a medicare advantage plan, they wont be able to afford going to a doctor for treatment. Hence, instead of getting better, they get sicker and sicker, and there are some that even die without giving their life a good fight. 


The plan can actually save life, as it can cover the expenses that is needed to save a sick person’s life. 


  • It can help people around you as well


Yes, if you have a medicare advantage plan, you are taking the burden away from people around you. Sure, who would help you finance your medical bill? It is your family of course, and this could give them a lot of problems especially if the family you are depending on is not as rich or not capable of paying huge amount of medical bills.